We specialise in the production of both pre-finished and rough wood laminate flooring.

We depend on our in-house production divisions covering the entire production process to offer all kinds of custom touches: from the thickness of the veneer to the type of substrate, from geometric shaping to the surface treatment.

Nothing is left to chance and we subject your flooring to over 20 different quality tests.


Confident in the high quality of our workmanship, we take on more demanding manufacturing challenges where the nature of the wood, if poorly handled, can gain the upper hand over technology.

And so, we also manufacture prefinished hardwood flooring, combining the great wood tradition with the advanced technologies that set us apart


We know that wood flooring is increasingly considered a furnishing element and not just a covering. That’s why we offer our customers every possible machining option in order to satisfy the aesthetic tastes of today’s consumers.

  • machining for herringbone and chevron configurations;
  • Mechanical surface treatments including serration, planing, rough hewing, etc.;
  • bonding of sound-absorbent or magnetic layers to improve installation;
  • finishing treatments with reagents or personalised colours;
  • heat treatments and artificial ageing

…… and anything that can give our customer a touch of distinction