Without a doubt, drying is one of the most delicate phases in manufacturing wood flooring. We use either traditional hot air systems or faster and more modern vacuum driers.

In both cases, the wood’s moisture content is meticulously balanced after every artificial drying cycle.


Though considered commonplace and obvious in the wood world, we assign this operation to our most highly qualified technicians who assess each plank’s shape and natural deformation before machining them knowledgeably and effectively to guarantee a consistently optimal result.

Veneer cutting

Backed by decades of experience in cutting wood veneers, we can guarantee optimised wood use by minimising the thickness of the veneers and guaranteeing an absolutely perfect cut.

Birch cutting

For this process, we use specially-designed machines made especially for us to ensure our operators can see every single layer and spot defects that traditional cutting systems wouldn’t.


Good gluing starts with calibration since the surfaces to be glued must be perfectly adherent, have no hollows and be treated with abrasives to guarantee proper absorption of the glue. That’s why ever single veneer is calibrated using machines with a tolerance of one one-hundredth of a centimetre


The focal point of Legno Tecnika’s production process, the gluing lines were designed to meet the market’s demand for flexibility while guaranteeing the large production capacity that has made us one of the most competitive industrial companies on the parquet flooring market.

The quality of the glues we use and our top-notch production facilities ensure we can offer a product that meet and even exceeds the toughest gluing standards


Before the finish is applied, any bark and glue residue is meticulously removed from knots and cracks, which are then filled with wear-resistant grout that adheres perfectly to the wood’s structure and is compatible with all types of finish.

All our customers need to do is choose the colour they like best

Brushing and polishing

To guarantee ultimate precision in the joints, we brush the veneers one final time before profiling.

Then comes distressing or polishing, the intensity of which depends on the customer’s needs and is based on the number and types of brushes used.


In our dedicated facility, we can reproduce a planed effect on our flooring surfaces, recreating the rustic and random appearance typical of hand-crafted flooring but with the advantages of a highly efficient plant


This step defines the product’s technical quality. We use digitally controlled machines to join the flooring to guarantee optimal smoothness when laid.

We can offer joining for floating or non-floating floors; upon exiting the line, every element is joined and inspected to guarantee the desired level of precision.

Our profiling lines are equipped with printers to personalise every element with letters or graphics.


We use a state-of-the-art UV drier to obtain the desired finish and colour. Its extreme flexibility means we can even customise the finishing cycle, using any varnish product or brand our customers want.


As an extreme expression of customisation, we can even provide custom packaging using personalised materials and packaging.

Every package includes a product sheet and label identifying the merchandise. Packaging can also include the destination for shipping directly to the construction site.


All merchandise is stored in our 1 000-square-metre warehouse, in a healthy and air conditioned environment, handled by our qualified personnel using equipment that respects the space’s salubrity


Legno Tecnika dispone delle più richieste certificazioni di prodotto che tutelano l’ambiente ed il consumatore garantendo l’ecosostenibilità del legno utilizzato.

FSC – The FSC® label identifies products containing wood from responsibly managed forests according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The forests of origin are inspected and assessed by independent certifiers in compliance with these standards (good forest management criteria and principles) that are established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® with the participation and consent of the interested parties.

PEFC – Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes is a certification system for sustainable forest management.
PEFC is an international initiative based on a broad-based agreement by interested parties in implementing sustainable forest management practices at the national and regional levels.

CE – As a wood flooring manufacturer (therefore construction materials), Legno Tecnika meets all requirements imposed by current Italian legislation, providing its customers with all that is required by CPR 305 (PDO and European Compliance CE) 

COC policy on origin of wood-based material and working conditions available on request: