Legno Tecnika: (Good wood was cut in May)

Legno Tecnika: (Good wood was cut in May)

In our world there is an ancient saying from the Tuscan dialect that says: “Good wood was cut in May”. In those times it was believed that the best processes from barrels for wine fixed to beams for attics could be obtained using wood cut in that spring month

We at LegnoTecnika have decided to pay tribute to this ancient tradition by putting on-line our new site of the month of May as a good omen for the future that will come.

As you can see, we have equipped ourselves with a new graphic design in which the images play an essential role to show even those who do not know us our professional workmanship where attention to detail plays a fundamental role. This last quality has been attributed to us by those who have already come into contact with the world of Legnotecnika.

And it is precisely on this strength of ours implemented by a bit of innovation and usability in more that we have based the construction of our new virtual home that we hope it will not only be welcoming but able to satisfy your curiosity about our production.

For us, wood represents the lifeblood on which we have built our identity and that is why we wanted to pay tribute to it by putting it at the center of our new site because this ancient and modern element will never go out of fashion. The studies adapt to customer requirements, the processing techniques evolve as well as the products, but if you do not respect this precious raw material you will never be able to produce and promote quality products.

We wish you a good view of our new site and we wait for you in the company if you are interested in a personalized advice that will meet your needs.